Think before you post on your social network! It could cost you $80,000!

by Niergarth Injury Law, May 5, 2015

There is a story circulating regarding the settlement of a discrimination case that was pulled back by the defendant as a result of the daughter’s “suck it” comment on Facebook as reported on CNN U.S. This is the world that we live in and a broadcast to your friends through social networking can have costly results.

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Automobile Low Impact Crashes

by Niergarth Injury Law, May 4, 2015

More and more often I hear an insurance adjuster on the other line tell me that there is no way that our young teenaged client, that has had no history of prior injury, could have been injured in the auto accident because there is little to no damage to the car. First, we are not discussing a property damage claim. Second, one cannot infer that the damage to the car is proportional to the damage to the client, a human being.

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