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by Niergarth Injury Law, March 15, 2015

Okay guys it is getting close to St. Patrick’s Day and the time for green beer or a nice dark Guinness for me. Of course, with a holiday that is associated with drinking it is also known for drinking and driving.


Doing personal injury work I get to see the results and impact on the families that have become a victim to someone driving under the influence. Unfortunately, many of these collisions result in severe injury or death. Not that the person that was under the influence is a bad person, they just made a really bad decision at a time when they were not of clear mind to make any decisions.

So, what can you do as a friend or if you are throwing a party… take their keys. Have a bowl handy with some scotch tape that allows you to write the person’s name on the tape and have everyone place their keys in the bowl as they enter your house. Then place the bowl in a room away from everyone. This provides a second step to preventing the person from walking out the door if they have had too much to drink. Next, have a friend agree to be the designated driver for those attending your party as well as having a few air mattresses on stand-by. If a friend has had a few drinks have the designated driver take them home or offer up one of the air mattresses or in some cases the bathroom floor in the guest bathroom.

If you are caught somewhere and are unable to get a ride home please do not attempt to drive. In Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Cocoa Beach there are plenty of cab companies that run 24 hours a day and it is probably a good idea to have a number already programmed in your cell. Unfortunately, St. Patrick’s Day is not as big as New Years and I have not been able to locate any free rides for those that are a little tipsy.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day, don’t drink and drive, and if you are involved in an auto accident please do not hesitate to give us a call at the number below.